Youth Program


We encourage anyone interested to come out and participate in the world’s oldest and greatest sport, wrestling! The goal of the club is to produce CHAMPIONS both on and off of the mat. The club will focus on the most important areas of wrestling as well stressing teamwork, sportsmanship and making sure kids have fun! Team coach Donnie Jones (2-time Pennsylvania State Champion, NCAA Division 1 National qualifier) and Coach Ken Maisel (University HS wrestling coach) along with a staff of wrestlers and coaches with state and national credibility will be leading you through this experience that will see you adopt characteristics that you can carry with you throughout life. The University Wrestling Club always stresses a wrestler’s growth, respect, positive attitude, good sportsmanship, and high level of competition.

Club Benefits

  • Teaches the beginner to the advance wrestlers
  • Learn from the best instructors
  • Train in the State of the art University HS wrestling room
  • Personalized instruction available
  • Discipline, hard work, teamwork, sportsmanship and having fun will be taught as much as technique. We stress being a good person, good student, good athlete, not just wrestling!

Mission Statement

To provide a safe, fun, and challenging wrestling experience to all participants regardless of individual differences. We strive to promote the physical, mental, social, and emotional development of our members through hard work, commitment, competition and camaraderie. The concepts of self-discipline, growth, respect, positive attitude and good sportsmanship are inherent for success in athletics and life.

Club Details

  • Registration will be held before the start of the first practice on Tuesday, November 5th from 5:00 – 5:45 PM in the hallway in front of the University HS wrestling room. (Entrance at rear of building).
  • Practices – Monday’s (Beginning wrestlers) 6:00 – 7:00 PM, Tuesday’s (more experiences wrestlers) 6:00 – 7:30 PM, Thursday’s (Open to all wrestlers) 6:00-7:30 PM (You get aprox. 30 sessions! PLUS coaching at tournaments!)
  • First practice will be Tuesday, November 5th (this is for ALL wrestlers) and run through February 21st.
  • Who is eligible: Boys and Girls grades K through 7. (Kids will be split up by age group and ability)
  • Location will be at the University HS wrestling room
  • Cost – $150 plus have a USA wrestling card (for insurance) To obtain USA wrestling card go to
  • You MUST have a USA wrestling card before you begin practice
  • All participants will receive a t-shirt (There will also be a website to purchase uniform and other items)
  • Contact Coach Donnie Jones at (412) 292-9432, or UHS Wrestling Coach Ken Maisel at (304) 692-6526,
To make your registration go quicker you can mail your entry form with the check (made out to Bad Bird Wrestling Club) to Ken Maisel–1047 Imperial Drive, Morgantown, WV 26508 – please make sure the USA wrestling card number is on the form. If you don’t mail, just bring it with you to the sign ups.